Organizer: Tony Wheeler (Event Director)

[DETAILS MAY CHANGE - This info accurate as of October 23, 2020]

Organizers: Kara Turner (Course Planner), Jim Blanchard (Controller), Tony Wheeler (Event Director)

It is very important to read the information below in its entirety to be certain you understand the precautions and expectations for this event with respect to COVID-19.

The Park View Middle Distance will take place on Sunday, October 25th at Park View Education Centre at 1485 King St, Bridgewater, NS B4V 1C4. This is a point-to-point, forest event where controls are visited in numerical order. There will be control flags out on the courses with SI units (yay!) and we will be following all the required COVID protocols. Pre-registration is essential and start times will be pre-assigned to allow for maximum physical distancing. THERE WILL BE NO REGISTRATION ON SITE.

START TIMES (provisional -- your time will begin when you punch the start control. These times are to help achieve physical distancing and are not binding):

BeginnerKarma Murphy10:15
IntermediateIan Ewing10:16
Short AdvColin Davis10:17
Long AdvCheryl Smith10:18
BeginnerAnna Murphy10:19
IntermediateLauren Duke10:20
Short AdvEmily Secord10:21
Long AdvTony Wheeler10:22
BeginnerBridget Murphy10:23
IntermediateStephen Martin10:24
Short AdvJoey Snair10:25
Long AdvMats Wallberg10:26
BeginnerFinlay Secord10:27
IntermediateCole Zanderbergen10:28
Long AdvMeghan Woszczynski10:29
BeginnerCharlotte Murphy10:30
IntermediateEvie Hall10:31
Long AdvMichael Sciarra10:32
BeginnerTina Hennigar10:33
Long AdvPam James10:34
BeginnerDesmond Secord10:35
IntermediateCarol Stynes-Martin10:36
Long AdvTroy Smith10:37
IntermediateLily Hall10:38
Long AdvDarren Kroeker10:40
Long AdvKrista Keirstead10:42
Long AdvMatt Hall10:44
Long AdvReece Zandergen10:46
Long AdvSheryl Heimstra10:48
Long AdvBrian MacCulloch11:00


This event uses the new map of Park View Education Centre by Marian Cotirta completed in December 2018 (with some updates in August 2020). The terrain is technical in areas, with a network of trails and some detailed contours. Full leg cover is recommended, as there can be thick vegetation. Some areas may be wet underfoot depending on the weather.

There are four courses available: Beginner, Intermediate, Short Advanced and Long Advanced. Maps will be pre-printed and bagged.

Staggered start times between 10 and 11 am will be pre-assigned to all registrants and you will receive email notification of your start time before the event. An SI stick is required for this event. Be sure to CLEAR and CHECK your SI before the start. You will need to dib the SI start unit when you start your course.

All courses close at 1pm. Please be sure to check back in at the Finish download before that time (even if you haven't managed to complete your course) to avoid initiating a search. Thank you!


Please register for your course ahead of time and fill out the required forms below. There is a maximum number of 45 registrants for this event.

You must have a 2020 OANS waiver and membership form on file to participate in this event (if you have already completed these forms in 2020, there is no need to do another one). These can be filled out online using the links below. A health declaration is also required for this event and must be completed on the day of the event. Please follow all municipal, provincial and federal health guidelines while participating.



This Health Declaration must be completed on the day of the event: You may print your own to sign at home and bring with you if you wish. Paper forms will be available at the event.

The event organizer is Tony Wheeler. If you have any issues registering, please get in contact with Tony at


Regular event fees are in place: $10/adult, $5/child, $15/group, $25 family max. Fully sanitized SI Rentals: $3 per person, per event. (Replacement fee $45.)

Payment can be made by e-transfer to . Please put your name and the event name/date in the message box. No password is required.

There will also be a fee box for cash or cheques on the day (no change available). Please place your money in the box before you start.


Parking is available along Panther Way to the southeast of the school buildings. There are no washrooms available. (The closest public washrooms are a 4-minute drive away at the Lunenburg County Lifestyle Centre at 135 N Park St.)


Participants must carry a watch, whistle and compass.

The course opens at 10am and closes at 1pm. This means all participants must return to the Finish to download by this time; otherwise a search will be initiated.

Participants are not required to cross any paved roads for their course. The safety bearing for the course is East. This will take participants out to the paved King St, at which point they should make their way back to Park View school and the finish area.


For emergencies please contact 911. For non-emergency event issues please call Kara Turner 902-980-0131 or Tony Wheeler 902-818-6277.


Please be sure to visit the Orienteering Nova Scotia website or for the most up-to-date information on COVID protocols.

Guidelines from Authorities

  • (Required) If you have any COVID-19 symptoms as defined by health authorities, stay home.
  • (Required) If you have had close contact with someone with COVID-19 in the last 14 days, stay home.
  • (Required) Always respect and follow the guidelines, recommendations and regulations from your local, provincial and federal health authorities and governments.

Sign a Declaration of Health

  • (Required) You must bring a signed Declaration of Health document EVERY TIME you come to an orienteering activity. You will not be able to orienteer if you have not completed and signed the form. This form cannot be signed in advance; it must be signed on the day of the activity. This is an absolute requirement with no exceptions.

Be Appreciative

  • Please remember to be appreciative of any opportunities you have to be outdoors, active and orienteering. Be patient with others, be forgiving, be kind, stay safe, and thank the volunteers who make an orienteering opportunity of any sort possible for you.
  • As always, respect the course closing time. Remember that an official is waiting for you at the finish to record that you have returned safely.

Bring Your Own Supplies

  • When participating in any sort of orienteering event bring your own supplies to help prevent undesired contact
    • drinks, including water, and filled water bottle
    • pre- and post-race food or snacks
    • cleaning supplies such as hand sanitizer or soap and water for washing hands (hand sanitizer will be available on-site as well)
    • bag to store your personal belongings in so that they are collected in one location separate from others’ belongings
    • Your equipment (compass, whistle, etc) as there will not be any available to rent or borrow from the event organizers.
  • Remember that there will be no toilet facilities available at this event.

Personal Health and Safety

  • Your own health and safety is of paramount importance - being competitive is not! Be sure that health and hygiene trump competitiveness.
  • Consider wearing a mask before and after running your course.
  • For older people or those with underlying health conditions remember to follow the guidelines of your local health authorities regarding personal safety specific to seniors or people with compromising conditions.
  • Eliminate contact with communal surfaces at the start and finish areas.
  • Do not touch orienteering flags or ribbons.

Children and Families

  • If participating as a group, consider restricting your group to your household “bubble”.
  • If you are orienteering with children remind them to not touch equipment and flags.

General Hygiene

  • Please be sure to follow basic personal hygiene rules:
    • Sneeze and cough into your elbow or sleeve
    • Use hand sanitizer frequently (soap and water is even better if possible)
    • Wear a mask when around other people
    • No spitting or intentional fluid discharge (no “snot rockets”)
    • Dispose of all tissues responsibly

Hanging Around - or Not!

  • Do not hang around on site before or after the event.
  • If you are waiting for family members, wait for them away from the finish area and maintain physical distancing from other people who may be around.

Thank you!


Course Maps

No course maps posted yet.


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